BEYOND THE HYPE - Gain the knowledge of experience for $59.95 

    Are you serious about starting a small business? Do you want to help someone who is? Then you know it's easy to get confused by all the "helpful" information out there. With Beyond the Hype you have an advisor who's sorted out the essential from the fluff, someone who knows from experience the how-to, step-by-step, ways to quickly get your business started safely. Short, invaluable, and easy to use: This guide is less than 100 pages long, stuffed full of time and money saving ideas. Each chapter ends with a "to do list" to help you prioritize tasks. The most frequent comment from customers is "it's so easy to use." Short, invaluable, and easy to use, isn't that what you want? The only commitment I ask is that you read every word closely. I couldn't put years of business consulting experience into a guide without packing a punch into every sentence. Don't worry, you'll appreciate the humor, including the "Weasel Alerts", and I even quote Al Capone. If it doesn't save you time and money (you would be the first), return it for a refund. Simple. What makes Beyond the Hype different: The information contained within Beyond the Hype is based on experience, not formulas or academic theory. You'll find the approach direct, informative, and perhaps a little humorous. It will seem as if I am right there beside you, assisting you, step by step, to create and manage your business. It's the same advice I give my clients - the same advice that has kept them from falling into the statistics of failed businesses during the first three years. Topics include:

How can you make your business plan work?
(Funding, Family, Forecasting…)

What are the quickest, realistic ways to raise money?
(Surprise! Banks are #4 on the list.)

Marketing without wasting thousands.
(Yes - small businesses can be extremely foolish with their marketing expenditures.)

What does it take to be successful?
(It's not what you think!)

How do you remove the fear and uncertainty of starting a small business?
(You can remove the doubts.)

The most important way to measure the pulse of your business.
(You don't need to be a CPA.)

Avoid trouble with the government.
(Yes, if you make money, you have to pay taxes - here's how to legally minimize them.)

Advice for managing your employees and business.
(Whips and chains are NOT recommended.)

    If you're thinking of going into business, you're no "dummy" and especially don't need the government to help you; but you appreciate the value of a knowledgeable, objective guide. Like most people, you want to know your business' real needs and how to meet them. You want tips, secrets, and warnings that will help your business "beat the odds." And, if you are like most of my clients, you want it quickly and from a straight shooter - no bull. If this describes you, then you are ready to get beyond the hype. Check out the table of contents and order today!

    If you would like additional assistance opening and managing your business, and that's available too ( But, get Beyond the Hype for just $59.95 and get started now! Don't fall into the millions who spend their life saying "I should have…would have…could have."

"Be daring, be different, be anything that will

assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision

against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the

commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary"

- Sir Cecil Beaton